Apple Picking 101


This morning, while touring around our growing farm in search of photo opportunities, I was delighted to find some ripe fruit on our early-season apple varieties. After picking and tasting a few of the larger apples from one of our 15 gallon trees, I was bitterly reminded that fruit size isn’t the best way to judge which apples are ripe.

Apples won’t continue to ripen (or grow) after they’ve been picked from the tree, but ripe apples can get sweeter as starches are broken down into sugars during storage. Harvesting your apples at just the right time will ensure a tasty crop that can be effectively stored for later use. With some apples already ripening on the trees, and much of the harvest season still ahead of us, I thought it might be a good time to share some tips on how to tell when your apples are prime for picking.