Hummingbird Plants

These plants are some of the most popular varieties for attracting Hummingbirds to your garden.

Aloe ‘Blue Elf’ (Blue Elf Aloe)This aloe grows to approx 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. This is one good example of an aloe that is loved by hummingbirds.

Gardening in Pots

Growing plants in containers is among the easiest way to grow plants. Containers are generally all shapes and sizes, as well as made from different materials. Clay pots are the most popular style of container because they are able to breathe, however, with the correct potting soil any container will breed successful plants. Good, loose, well-draining potting soil is the key to successful container gardening. Look for potting soils that have perlite and vermiculite added to their mix for more success.

Cactus Care

This is best done in spring, summer, or early autumn. The new container should be the next size up from the old container. Avoid putting cactus in oversize pots as this can cause the roots to rot. The soil should be very porous and have excellent drainage; we sell Black GoldâCactus Mix just for this job. Do not plant your cactus any deeper than it was in the old container. It is best to wait a few days before watering your newly potted cactus so the roots can heal.

Butterfly Gardens

Provide a variety of plants that feed larval and adult butterflies. Food plants need to provide for two different stages of the butterfly’s life. Emphasize massing of plants. Adult butterflies are attracted more to masses of plants rather than single flowering plants. Provide sunny, wind-protected locations. Butterflies are cold-blooded and need sunlight to warm themselves and the protection from the wind to feed.

Aloe Vera Plants

There are many species of aloes that are marginally cold tolerant. In Tucson, these can be grown with minimal frost protection, but only one kind will reliably survive temperatures in the mid to low 20s. Aloe aristata has been tested to at least 11°F with no protection and survived nicely. It is a low clumping species with thin, dark green leaves. The flowers are reddish and show up nicely against the darker foliage. Light shade is best, and the plant reaches a width of 15-18” with age.