25 Photos of Arizona’s Incredible Wildflower Season

Last winter’s rains have set us up for a spactacular spring wildflower season this year. Though I’ve only been out to a few of Tucson’s favorite viewing spots so far, I’ve already seen some of the most beautiful displays I’ve seen in years. There should still be a month or so left in this year’s wildflower season, so I don’t plan to stop visiting our wildflower hotspots anytime soon. This blog post is a pictoral tour of what the season has had to offer us so far, but however proud I am of my little camera and my eye for a decent shot, these photos definitely pale in comparison to seeing the real thing in person. Get out there and see the wildflowers this year! You won’t regret it.

March Gardening

March is one of the most active months for gardeners in Southern Arizona, and many of the chores we busy ourselves with this time of year will set us up for success through the tougher weather to come. Insects are active, weeds are plentiful, and many of our favorite plants are ready to be pruned or planted! Stay ahead of the curve with this month’s gardening checklist.

February Gardening

  February isn’t just the month of love, it’s also the month of lots to do in the garden! Winter is ending, spring is just beginning, and many of our plants will be breaking dormancy by the time our boxes of Valentine’s chocolates are gone. Here’s Civano Nursery’s February gardening checklist to help you work…

Beat Back Buffelgrass!

A weed is often defined by horticulturists as “a plant out of place.” Plants that are prized by many gardeners can be weeds if they are growing somewhere that they’re not wanted, and plants that many people think of as weeds can be quite valuable if they’re growing in the right situation. However, when it…

December Gardening

It may be a lot cooler outside, but our Arizona gardens are still going strong. There are a lot of things we can do for our plants this month to get them through the winter and prepare them for the coming year…

Fall Colors in the Low Desert

The desert isn’t exactly known for spectacular fall colors, but we actually do grow quite a few plants that can give us the reds, oranges, and golds that so many of us crave this time of year. Here are Civano Nursery’s top 5 trees for fall color in the low desert.