Prestige Buffalo Grass Plugs

It’s increasingly rare to see turf lawns here in Tucson as our community becomes more committed to water conservation. Using the desert’s most precious resource wisely is definitely a good thing, and opting for gravel over a thirsty lawn is to be commended. “Thirsty” is the key word in that last sentence, however, as some new drought-resistant varieties of LEED-certified buffalo grass are teaching us that not ALL turfgrasses are our enemies.

How to Turn Beneficial Visitors into Beneficial Residents

We all know that there are good bugs and bad bugs in our gardens, and many of us are aware that getting rid of the bad bugs often means that you’re getting rid of the good ones too. Unfortunately, when you eliminate good bugs, it’s not uncommon to see the bad ones come back in even larger numbers without their natural predators to keep them in check.

To avoid this frustrating cycle, why not try inviting more of the good bugs to your garden and spending less time with the sprayer?

Arbor Day in Tucson is on April 25th!


Did you know that Arbor Day was first celebrated in the U.S. in Nebraska nearly 150 years ago? On that very first Arbor Day in 1872, over a million trees were estimated to have been planted, even though Nebraska was the only state observing the holiday that year (and for several years thereafter until the holiday went national in 1875).

High Heat Makes Your Plants Thirsty, Too!

Mr. Yellow Face

This year is already proving to be quite a challenge for Tucson gardeners. Our crazy mild winter has given insects an early start, weeks of high wind have dried out our soils and left everything under a layer of dust, and now we’re sweating out higher temperatures than we’re used to seeing this early in the season.

Typically, we don’t see temperatures as high as today’s until early May, so we’re almost a month ahead of schedule! We know that this is great news for Eegees, but what does it mean for our plants?

Citrus Trees at Civano Nursery

Citrus trees in Tucson are now in full bloom, filling the air with the sweet smell of their blossoms, and exciting gardeners with all of the potential for sweet, juicy fruit around harvest-time. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to plant your first (or your next) citrus tree, then wait no longer! For the next 3 days, Citrus trees are 20% off at Civano Nursery, your one-stop shop for all things citrus.