‘Aristocrat’ is an improved variety of Flowering Pear that features a strong and wide pyramidal branching structure with a distinct central leader, and superior disease resistance. These fruitless trees are notorious for their dramatic seasonal changes. Blooming begins in early spring as profuse clusters of pure white flowers decorate leafless branches, creating an enchanting white glow in the landscape. In late spring, after flowers fade, the branches are clothed through the summer by dark green, glossy leaves with distinctive wavy margins. In fall, Aristocrat Flowering Pear’s foliage can vary in color from reddish-purple to yellow; bestowing your garden with even more seasonal interest before dropping its leaves to bare an intricately branched frame through the winter.
Height: 35 – 40 feet
Width: 15 – 20 feet
Bloom color: White
Flowering season: Late Winter, Early Spring
USDA minimum zone: 5
Cold hardiness: -20° F


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