Arizona Cypress is the only Cypress native to the southwest, where its conical, Christmas tree shape stands out against the often irregular crowns of other desert trees. This conifer creates a cooling, woodsy effect in the landscape, and looks best when allowed to grow naturally with little or no pruning.
With a moderate growth rate, strong wood and sturdy branches, Arizona Cypress is an excellent windbreak, and its dense, evergreen foliage makes an ideal large-scale screen or barrier. The tree’s bark is also attractive, shredding and peeling as the tree ages to reveal furrows or patches of reddish-brown and gray.
Height: 30 – 40 feet
Width: 15 – 20 feet
Bloom color: Inconspicuous; Greenish
Flowering season: Spring
USDA minimum zone: 5
Cold hardiness: -15° F


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Cupressus arizonicaCupressus arizonicaCupressus arizonicaCupressus arizonica