This native was once an important part of the lives of Native Americans living in the Southwest. It was used as not only a food source, but also for cleaning, bathing, to make ropes, baskets, paintbrushes, and more! These days, it makes a lovely addition to the low-water landscape.
The banana yucca has long, narrow green leaves with sharply pointed tips and white hair-like filaments along the margins. The strappy leaves create a neat-looking rosette from which a flower stalk emerges with creamy white bell-shaped blossoms during the spring. Flowers are followed by banana shaped fruits that are edible and reportedly taste similar to the potato. It is a wonderful accent plant; extremely cold hardy and pairs well with other low-water natives like brittlebush and fairy duster.
Height: 4 – 8 feet
Width: 8 – 10 feet
Bloom color: White to Cream White
Flowering season: Spring
USDA minimum zone: 5
Cold hardiness: -20° F


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