Blue elf is a compact aloe hybrid that never ceases to impress with its ability to tolerate reflected heat and colder temperatures than other varieties we’ve encountered. It’s often touted as one of the easiest aloes to grow, needing only occasional watering and excellent drainage to look great whether located in planters or in the ground, in full sun or full shade. If grown in the sun, this tight-clumping and low-growing succulent has thin but fleshy blue-grey leaves and sends up tall spikes of orange flowers that are frequented by hummingbirds in late winter to early spring. Shade grown specimens make a fantastic groundcover since they are greener and shorter with fewer flowering stalks than those grown in the sun.
Height: 12 – 18 inches
Width: 1 – 2 feet
Bloom color: Orange
Flowering season: Winter, Early Spring
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 15° F


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Aloe 'Blue Elf'Aloe 'Blue Elf'Aloe x 'Blue Elf'Aloe 'Blue Elf'Aloe 'Blue Elf'Aloe 'Blue Elf'Aloe 'Blue Elf'