These compact evergreen shrubs are often confused with the more commonly encountered Texas rangers because of their silvery foliage and showy purple flowers. However, in comparison to Texas rangers, the flowers of blue emu bush are less reliant on monsoon moisture; blooming in late winter and early spring rather than late summer. They’re also much more attractive to hummingbirds, providing a much appreciated source of nectar early in the year.
This native of Australia prefers high heat, sunny locations, and xeric conditions, while tolerating alkaline soil and salt; so it fares quite well here in Tucson. Blue emu bush stays short and sweet with little to no pruning necessary, which makes it a fantastic candidate for container gardening. Its soft and fuzzy silver foliage looks great in combination with larger, darker evergreens in the landscape.
Height: 2 – 3 feet
Width: 2 – 3 feet
Bloom color: Purple
Flowering season: Winter, Spring
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 20° F

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Eremophila hygrophana