The namesake flowers on this heat tolerant Australian native resemble large, crimson (…you guessed it) bottle brushes! Hummingbirds find these distinctive, spiky blooms absolutely irresistible, even though they aren’t the typical trumpet shape that we associate with hummingbird attractors.
Scarlet Bottlebrush’s soft, fuzzy foliage is blue-green, clinging to the stems year-round and offering a medium texture that, along with the color, contrasts handsomely with the desert landscape palate. This dwarf variety stays compact; forming a dense, symmetrical mound that looks spectacular when massed in borders and foundations, and also looks stunning when showcased near patios or in containers. Plant them in clear sight, where the unique flowers and hummingbird activity can be enjoyed.
Height: 2 – 3 feet
Width: 3 – 5 feet
Bloom color: Red
Flowering season: Spring, Summer, Fall
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 15° F


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Callistemon viminalis 'Little John'Callistemon viminalis 'Little John'Callistemon viminalis 'Little John'Callistemon viminalisCallistemon viminalis 'Little John'

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