Olive trees have been grown for so long that it’s unclear exactly where they originally came from. They are generally associated with the Mediterranean region, where they have been in cultivation for more than 5000 years!
The most distinctive visual feature of an Olive Tree is its smooth grey trunk that becomes gnarled and knotted with age, endowing each tree with unique character and a picturesque silhouette. The Olive’s evergreen, silvery foliage creates a finely textured, cloud-shaped canopy, casting deep to filtered shade throughout the long life of the tree. ‘Wilsonii’ is a fruitless variety that produces little to no pollen. It is accepted for use by the City of Tucson and most neighborhood associations.
Height: 25 – 30 feet
Width: 25 feet
Bloom color: n/a
Flowering season: n/a
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 15° F


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Olea europaeaOlea europaeaOlea europaeaOlea europaeaOlea europaea