This beloved botanical old-timer is a hybrid between two species of Abelia that both hail from China. Although it is the most popular Abelia in cultivation, commonly seen in gardens across the southern states, it has a somewhat diminished presence in modern southwestern landscapes. This is unfortunate because, in the right location, Glossy Abelia is still one of the most elegant and carefree shrubs on the market; requiring minimal maintenance and remaining virtually pest-free throughout the year.
Graceful arching branches with red stems and shiny, deep green leaves create a large, rounded shrub that is well-suited for use as a foundation, border, hedge, filler or container specimen. For seasonal interest, Glossy Abelia dons coppery new foliage in spring, fragrant, bell-shaped pink to white flowers that draw in the butterflies from summer into fall, and copper foliage through the winter.
Height: 5 – 6 feet
Width: 5 – 6 feet
Bloom color: Pinkish White
Flowering season: Summer, Fall
USDA minimum zone: 6
Cold hardiness: 0° F


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Abelia x grandifloraAbelia x grandifloraAbelia x grandifloraAbelia x grandiflora

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