Goodding’s verbena is an Arizona native that butterflies go absolutely bonkers over. Its fragrant, lilac-purple flowers begin opening in clusters just above the fuzzy grey-green foliage in spring, and will continue to bloom through fall if given supplemental water through the heat of the summer. Specimens grown without extra irrigation will bloom heaviest in spring and fall, taking a break and going dormant through the summer and winter. Though the life span of this perennial is shorter than we’d prefer, individuals will re-seed during 3 or so years of prolific flowering, leaving plenty of fast-growing replacements that will bloom in their first year. Goodding’s verbena loves heat, sleeps through cold, and does great in planters or the ground as long as it has adequate drainage.
Height: 6 – 12 inches
Width: 1 – 3 feet
Bloom color: Light Purple
Flowering season: Spring, Summer, Fall
USDA minimum zone: 6
Cold hardiness: 0° F


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Glandularia gooddingiiVerbena gooddingiiVerbena gooddingiiVerbena gooddingiiGlandularia gooddingiiGlandularia gooddingii