You probably have a good idea of why this Australia native is called leatherleaf acacia if you’ve ever touched one of its coarse gray-green leaves. Although it grows fairly slowly, this resilient and versatile evergreen shrub is just as tough as it feels; growing in any soil with good drainage and accepting reflected heat and drought conditions without skipping a beat. Leatherleaf acacia is remarkably clean, and with very little maintenance it will develop a dense, rounded shape whether trained as a large shrub or small tree. It receives a significant color boost from its coppery new growth and from its lemon-yellow, rod-shaped flowers attract butterflies while beautifully contrasting the foliage from late winter to early spring and sometimes again in autumn.
Height: 10 – 15 feet
Width: 10 – 15 feet
Bloom color: Yellow
Flowering season: Late Winter, Early Spring
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 15° F


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Acacia craspedocarpaAcacia craspedocarpaAcacia craspedocarpaAcacia craspedocarpaAcacia craspedocarpa