‘Little Rascal’ is an Arizona native that was selected by Civano Nursery for its compact growth habit, long flowering season, beautiful silvery foliage, and superior heat tolerance. It also endures temperatures as low as -20° F, so ‘Little Rascal’ does great in colder climates, too. Because it needs very little maintenance throughout the year, this drought tolerant perennial is a wonderful choice for commercial or streetscape settings. It grows in any soil with good drainage, and its branching root system does a great job of controlling erosion on slopes. Our ‘Little Rascal’ clones come from a parent plant that was grown from seed collected in the Catalina Mountains, so each one has the same endurance and exceptional character as the original.
Height: 2 – 3 feet
Width: 2 – 3 feet
Bloom color: White
Flowering season: Spring, summer, early fall
USDA minimum zone: 5
Cold hardiness: -20° F


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Eriogonum fasciculatumEriogonum fasciculatumEriogonum fasciculatumEriogonum fasciculatumEriogonum fasciculatum