Thanks to its manageable size, picturesque silhouette, attractive bark, low maintenance requirements, drought resistance and heat tolerance, Palo Blanco is one of the best specimen trees available to southwestern gardeners. It’s an excellent thornless choice for placement against walls, near walkways and entryways, in small gardens or courtyards, or any spot with high, reflected heat.
Palo Blanco’s open, airy canopy provides ideal dappled shade for understory plants, but consider using groundcovers rather than shrubs beneath it so that the tree’s unique, peeling white bark can be showcased and appreciated. Butterflies flutter about the tree in spring, visiting the light yellow fuzzy flowers for nectar, and delighting the gardeners who spy them.
Height: 15 – 20 feet
Width: 10 – 15 feet
Bloom color: Cream Yellow
Flowering season: Spring
USDA minimum zone: 9
Cold hardiness: 25° F


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