Penstemons are a large group of plants composed of many wild species found growing in a variety of climates, as well as numerous hybrids that have been developed for a wide range of characteristics. Available in every color from white to deep purple, Penstemon’s spikes of flowers are closely associated with hummingbirds, who prefer their nectar as a main source of food. Parry’s Penstemon is a naturally occurring species that is native to Arizona, where its tall spikes of bright pink flowers brighten the mostly dormant landscapes of late winter and early spring. This species will reseed and multiply if you allow the seeds to ripen before removing spent flower stalks.
Height: 3 – 4 feet
Width: 1 – 2 feet
Bloom color: Pink
Flowering season: Late Winter, Spring
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 15° F


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Penstemon parryiPenstemon parryiPenstemon parryiPenstemon parryiPenstemon parryi