Is it a palm? Is it a succulent? The Ponytail Palm is a very bizarre plant, not unlike something you would find illustrated in a Dr. Seuss book. It is actually not a true palm at all; it is related to Yucca and Nolina. It has a swollen, bulbous base which stores water during times of drought.
It usually has one or more trunks emerging from the base, and bright green, long, skinny leaves sprout from the tips of branches, giving it a ponytail-like appearance. Plant in a well-protected area, as it can be quite tender to colder weather. In the ground or in a pot, the Ponytail Palm makes for an unusual houseplant or a lovely addition to the landscape.
Height: 15 – 20 feet
Width: 6 – 12 feet
Bloom color: White; flowering occurs only on mature plants
Flowering season: Summer
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 18° F


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Beaucarnea recurvataBeaucarnea recurvataBeaucarnea recurvata