Double, lemon-yellow flowers appear on primrose jasmine’s graceful arching branches in late winter and early spring. Shiny, deep-green foliage is attractive against these pretty yellow blossoms. Unlike other jasmines, this one is not particularly fragrant, perhaps only a little so in the evening. Primrose jasmine is easy to keep in a pot or to train into a topiary.
Without any type of support, primrose jasmine grows as a fountain-like mound. It looks particularly spectacular in mass plantings or in locations where it is allowed to sprawl over a wall. Primrose jasmine takes very well to shearing, and unlike other plants, will continue to bloom vigorously even after pruning.
Height: 6 – 10 feet
Width: 3 – 6 feet
Bloom color: Yellow
Flowering season: Winter, Spring
USDA minimum zone: 7
Cold hardiness: 10° F


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Jasminum mesnyiJasminum mesnyiJasminum mesnyiJasminum mesnyi