Queen’s wreath is a fast-growing, self-climbing vine with bright green, heart-shaped foliage. Light pink to hot pink blossoms appear amongst foliage in chain-like clusters throughout spring, summer, and fall; birds are especially attracted to them. Queen’s Wreath loves hot spots in the garden, including hot walls with reflected sun.
This deciduous vine will happily grow up any nearby support, whether it is a strategically placed trellis, chain link fence, or even a large shade tree. Allow Queen’s Wreath to grow where its graceful flowers and foliage will drape or intermix it with another vine, such as a climbing rose, for a striking display of color. Landscape Queen’s Wreath alongside other hot flowering shrubs like yellow bells or red bird of paradise.
Height: 30 – 40 feet (with support)
Width: 20 – 30 feet (with support)
Bloom color: Pink to Red or White
Flowering season: Summer, Fall
USDA minimum zone: 9
Cold hardiness: 20° F


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