The common name Rocky Point ice plant may lead you to believe that this fast-growing succulent groundcover is from nearby Rocky Point in Mexico, but it was actually first collected from a more distant Rocky Point in South Africa. As a South African Native it needs very little water to thrive, tolerates sun and high heat, and survives temperatures into the mid-teens. Solitary yellow starburst-shaped flowers are abundant in spring, sprinkled throughout its fleshy blue-green leaves from summer through fall, and intermittent in winter if the weather is mild. Rocky Point ice plant is especially easy to grow and looks spectacular in rock gardens, when mixed in with other succulents, and when allowed to cascade out of containers. It does very well as a lawn replacement, but becomes slippery when stepped on and doesn’t tolerate foot traffic.
Height: 10 – 12 inches
Width: 4 – 6 feet
Bloom color: Yellow
Flowering season: Spring, Summer, Fall
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 15° F


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