If you’re looking to cover a large amount of ground with a small amount of dollars, then Spreading Acacia should be at the top of your list of plants to buy! This evergreen groundcover saves money by tolerating extreme heat and drought, growing in poor soil, preventing soil erosion, and quickly covering up to 15 feet of ground per plant! It dons tiny yellow flowers in late winter that aren’t much to look at individually, but when blooming in mass they provide a charming contrast to Spreading Acacia’s leathery grey-green foliage. Requiring very little work to maintain, this helpful Australian native provides great solutions for many of our toughest desert gardening woes!
Height: 2 – 5 feet
Width: 6 – 15 feet
Bloom color: Yellow
Flowering season: Late Winter, Early Spring
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 15° F


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Acacia redolensAcacia redolens