This hardy evergreen shrub has been highly valued by many cultures and cultivated for centuries. It takes very well to heavy shearing, and is often used to create a tall clipped hedge or topiary. If left unclipped, it develops into a dense, rounded shrub that is useful in foundations and borders, and it also has an attractive branching pattern when shaped into a patio-sized tree.
True Myrtle’s small white starburst flowers and its glossy, dark-green foliage are both highly aromatic, and it has blueberry-like fruit that is edible, but not sweet. Once established, this shrub is very drought tolerant, and its maintenance requirements are remarkably low.
Height: 6 – 8 feet
Width: 4 – 6 feet
Bloom color: White
Flowering season: Spring, Summer
USDA minimum zone: 8
Cold hardiness: 18° F


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Myrtus CommunisMyrtus communisMyrtus communisMyrtus communisMyrtus communis