Whitethorn Acacia is often prized for its usefulness as a low-maintenance barrier or buffer plant when allowed to grow naturally under desert conditions, but this plant’s versatility and hardiness make it a worthy contender for many additional spots in your garden! If left to its own devices, Whitethorn Acacia will form a thicket of thorny branches, but with just a bit of supplemental irrigation and pruning, it easily transforms into a lovely multi-trunk tree that sheds its thorny armor and fits comfortably into any landscape. Butterflies and birds go nuts for the fragrant yellow puffball flowers that bloom heavily in spring then intermittently through fall, and quail are quite fond of the papery seed pods produced in the summer.
Height: 15 – 20 feet
Width: 15 – 20 feet
Bloom color: Yellow
Flowering season: Late Spring, Early Summer
USDA minimum zone: 6
Cold hardiness: -10° F


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