Cacti 2 pottedWho said that cacti in the garden has to be boring? With so many specimens, and a multitude of textures and colors, you will want to embrace these water saving desert gems.

At Civano Nursery we specialize in unique and wonderful new varieties that are well adapted to our desert climate.

While all of our native plants are impressive, cacti, succulents, agaves, yuccas, and similar plants are some of the most extraordinary plants found in the desert. These plants represent some of the best choices for gardeners in our region. They have outstanding tolerance to heat, aridity, alkaline soils, and erratic rainfall. They are the original low-water-use plant. Even more than ease of care is that they can also be extremely beautiful.

All gardens look better if there is a mix of plants whose various textures, colors, and forms blend to make an interesting shifting picture. In the end, one of the finest contributions that cacti, succulents, agaves and yuccas bring to our gardens is the remembrance and tone of the desert that surrounds us.

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