At Civano Nursery we carry a line of specific garden soil, organic fertilizers and pest solutions you can trust for your garden needs. We take time to trail out all the products so that you can be assured that we sell only the brands we trust and believe in and have selected organic products that are safe for you and your pets.

If you have a garden problem we have a solution.

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We have tried many products over the years, and we know what works.

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew – ready-to-use. For residential use in home gardens.

Bonide Insecticidal Soap. Fast acting insecticide/miticide, kills on contact. For organic gardening

Neem Oil Fungicide – Miticide – Insecticide – For use on roses, flowers, houseplants, …

BACILLUS THURINGIENSIS (BT) THURICIDE® Concentrate. Controls redhumped caterpillars, …


Burnout – Fast acting weed and grass killer, ready to use. All natural ingredients.

Duraturf Crabgrass & Weed Preventer for Lawns & Ornamental Beds.

kleenup Weed & Grass Killer – Kills to the root so weeds won’t grow back.

FERTILIZERS – a must have

*Remember to fertilize your trees and shrubs at least 3 time per year.

Valentines Day (Feb) , Memorial Day (May), and Labor Day (Sept)

Happy Frog® Acid Loving. Without just the right pH balance, roots simply cannot access the nutrients …

Happy Frog® All-Purpose. Any Plant – Any Time! Support healthy growth all season long with our Happy Frog® All-Purpose blend.

Happy Frog® Bat Guano – Batman Approve – Our high phosphorus bat guano is perfect for gardeners who want the extra strength

Happy Frog® Fruit and Flower – Fruit & Flower encourages multiple blooms and great bud development …

Marine Cuisine® is a powerful all-purpose fertilizer that blends fine ocean-based ingredients like crab meal,…

Happy Frog® Rose Food Grow Your Own Best of Show! Rose gardeners know that their prize-winning blooms deserve …

Happy Frog® Tomato and Vegetable – Before you can bring a great meal to your table, you need to bring a great meal to your garden.

SOIL – Perfect for our zone

Black gold is the only soil we sell – Why? you won’t find pieces of plastic or old string. What you will find is quality soil that is perfect for our zone.

All Purpose Potting Soil. A multi-purpose, nutrient-rich mix that’s ideal for all plants.

Black Gold® Cactus Mix is a special formulation of ingredients blended to provide the perfect soil structure …

Natural & Organic Soil Builder – Use to amend new or existing beds; install trees, shrubs, and perennials …

Black Gold Natural and Organic Potting Soil. This nutrient-rich Organic Soil is ideal for all plants but most especially, container plants.

Your quest for a quality soil conditioner for your garden is finally over, with the advent of Black Gold® Soil Conditioner with Compost.

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