Houseplants have been going in and out of vogue ever since the early Greeks and Romans starting bringing their plants in from the outdoors. The Victorians loved their potted palms and the 70s wouldn’t have been the same without ferns and spider plants … everywhere.

Current style dictates a lighter hand with the green things – sculptural stems and succulents rule the roost – but the truth is this: Houseplants should transcend trends. The benefits they confer should make us consider them a necessity rather than an object of décor, because honestly, good health should never be out of style. Not to mention they clean the air, how cool it that. Get some houseplants and enjoy the many benefits

Sharpening Focus

‘Get your student a plant for their room’

A study at The Royal College of Agriculture in England, found that students demonstrate 70% greater attentiveness when they’re taught in rooms containing plants. In the same study, attendance was also higher for lectures given in classrooms with plants. Students who had plants in their dorms also did better.

It must be true then ‘Life is better with plants’ – Mel Shipley, Civano Nursery

Most Popular Houseplants

Spider Plant, Parlor Palm, Money Plant, Succulents, Pothas, Dracaena, Fiddle Leaf, Sansevieria

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Life is better with plants – Mel Shipley

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