IMG_1522Containers can add color to an otherwise dull garden, entrance or patio. Use containers to create visual beauty in your garden. Below is a simple guide for selecting the perfect container:

Style Selection: What’s your style and which pot styles appeal to you? Will this style fit in with your existing décor? At Civano Nursery we have a multitude of pots in all sorts of styles from around the world – traditional Italian terra cotta to modern glazed pottery and even light plastic pottery.

Color:  This is a personal preference, although when choosing color you will get the most reward if the color compliments the surroundings. Consider wall colors, either indoor or out; the color contrast of the plants to be planted in the container, the light level of the placement location etc.

Shape & Size: Similar to style selection ask yourself which shape of the container appeals to you. Low bowl, tall pot, square pot, round pot, the choices are endless. Keep in mind that it’s the final location and size that will help dictate the final selection. For example, you would most likely select a large tall pot for a dramatic effect, or you may choose of grouping of tall and low pots. A low bowl with succulents for example on a table or countertop to prevent obscuring views.

Not sure what your style is? Ask one of our many garden professionals and let us guide you.

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