Breath fresh with your own personal filter – trees are so important to our environment to maintain clean healthy air. Did you know that we grow all our trees on our 70 acres growing grounds and have selected only the best varieties for our splendid desert environment.

Whether you plant (or we plant it for you), planting a tree is your families way of keeping our planet green, and future generations will thank you.

Planting shrubs is the next layer under the tree line. Shrubs can provide color, screening and even food for you and the wildlife. At Civano Nursery we have a huge selection of desert and desert adaptive plants including great brands like  Civano® Select.

Tips for success: Fertilize your trees and shrubs at least three times per year (Feb, May, Sept). Ensure to supply sufficient water to your plants with special attention during the summer months.

Civano® Select

Our Civano® Select brand was introduced in Arizona in 2011 to meet the demand of gardeners who wanted more than just so-so plants in the plain old black containers. This special program for bigger and better plants is managed on our 70 acre growing grounds in Sahuarita, where we have a dedicated team who spaces, waters, pinches back, and prunes regularly to produce this high quality product.

The product range also includes Civano® Edibles, a program for high quality citrus and fruit trees.

Civano® Select and Civano® Edibles can be found for purchase in our retail garden center and in stores in other gardens centers throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas.


Civano Nursery teamed up with Monrovia as a grower, to grow plants that work for our zone.

Get your Wildlife Habitat Certified

If you can provide food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young, you can create a Certified Wildlife Habitat® in your own backyard.

Pruning Techniques

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