From plant identification, problem solving, and garden landscape design, our on staff horticulturalists are here to share their knowledge for a successful garden. Civano Nursery carries a large variety of plants for our unique climate, pottery from around the world in various styles, colors and sizes. Melodic wind chimes and essential herbs and vegetables for your kitchen garden. Fruit trees, shade trees, and flowers for butterflies and bees.

Our horticulturists and garden professionals will happily assist you with any of the following garden needs:

  • Plant care advice
  • How or when do I fertilize?
  • Solutions for plant diseases & pests
  • Potted arrangements for an event
  • Let’s talk dirt and soil
  • Homesteading in small spaces
  • Seasonal chores
  • Plant hydration, how and when to water
  • Design a garden space to grow with

It’s time to let the dirt fly, come and visit us at Civano Nursery today.